History Of The Calculators From Hewlett Packard

The Hewlett Packard diversified the electronics company with the product line to carry out test of electronic equipments, scientific instrumentation and medical electronics. The year 1960’s marked the beginning in the computer field. There were two opportunities for this corporation and this may be possible with automation of instrumentation that was produced by HP .The customer base of HP was such that you can buy products for replacing slide ruled and adding machines were used for computation. HP had built the desktop scientist calculator – HP 9100. It is a full featured calculator and this is not a standard adding machine but it can capability to handle some complicated calculations.
The HP calculators are well accepted by people and it has formed the best customer base but William Hewlett saw additional opportunities in it and he thought of making the desktop calculators smaller in size. He thought of making it shirt-pocketed size so that it can be carried anywhere. Hewlett commanded his engineers to make calculators in the size of the shirt pockets. His engineers worked best with the HP scientific calculator, check out here. These calculators make use of functionalities to create revolution for the pocket calculators at that time. HP has released many calculators over the years and they have some varied functionalities like carrying out some complex input and output mathematical capabilities and programmability. Some of the scientific calculator price could be used for controlling the instruments other than the divisions produced by the Hewlett Packard. The HP calculators are used for the Reverse Polish Notation. The programmable calculators are used for creating their own programs.
Some of the calculators of HP that have been used for many years now have been mentioned below:•    HP 9g – Graphing calculator•    HP 9S – Scientific calculator that is similar to 9G and 30 S. •    HP – 10 – Four function calculator with a printer and a conventional arithmetic entry•    HP – 10 C – Functions like an entry calculator, scientific programmable and statistics. •    HP – 11C – Functions as a scientific programmable and it includes hyperbolics, statistical or gamma function and generates number randomly.•    HP – 10s – Scientific calculator with 240 built in functions with the LCD of 2 lines x 10 digits LCD.•    HP -12C – Finance centric programmable calculator that belongs to the HP 10 series that was introduced in 1980s. This calculator is in production too. •    HP – 15 C – Advance Scientific Programmable that includes hyperbolic, gamma, statistical function and it provides support for complex numbers.