Home Security Gadgets Almost Cool Enough For A Spy

So you want to secure your home and you have no idea how to get started. Going over security gadgets for the home can be quite overwhelming. After all, there are so many advancements on the home security front that range from highly sophisticated to downright awesome. Here are some security gadgets that are so effective and cool; they might impress even a spy.

Security System in a Dome

It might have been around for a long time already but the dome camera is the most unassuming looking security camera system there is out there. They are effective and efficient security systems for the home and office alike. Moreover, with a dark tinted dome camera, visitors or intruders will not be able to tell which direction the camera is facing. This deters people from trying to challenge your home security system. Browse this site to have additional knowledge regarding dome camera.

Guard Your Home with Your Mobile Phone

Nowadays, mobile apps can do more than provide you with planners, news feeds, calorie counters, horoscope and games. Yes, it is now possible to assert control over your entire home by just using your smart phone and well, the help of a few apps. For instance, your mobile phone can now be used to allow access into your home whenever you please. Smart lock technology systems work by providing you and anyone you authorize with a virtual key to your home that can be accessed from a mobile phone. Moreover, there are also mobile apps that allow you to control almost anything in your home from light switches to various appliances to even your faucet.

Use a Doorstop That’s Crazy Loud

Get rid of your regular doorstop and get yourself a doorstop wedge alarm. This alarm system effectively stops a door from opening wide while sounding off to alert you (and possibly your entire neighborhood) of intruder activity. Louder than any scream you can ever make, the doorstop wedge alarm system will set off an alarm that is so loud, and it can possibly shatter an eardrum. Hopefully, no one will bother to challenge a security system that emits over 120 decibels of quality alarm sound. Moreover, feel free to bring this doorstop along when you travel so it can guard you even when you’re out of town.

Sound Off the Barking Dog Alarm

Yes, dogs can still scare people. Maximize this psychological security tactic with a barking dog alarm. As you might guess, this alarm sets off an aggressive barking dog sound to effectively deter a would-be burglar.