Know About Cloud Computing

Use of Cloud computing has become very popular. One can easily store and access the data and all other programs for the internet instead of using them in hard drives. Nowadays cloud computing is used in every big firms or organization. It is a large resource over the internet. It operates resources and applications and provides services which it operates. Due to the use of cloud computing the IT sector has transformed a lot. There is a great change in the capacity which can be easily adjusted with the growing demand. To operate a cloud is not an easy task therefore a team of members and special it leaders are required to handle the clouds. If we talk about clouds than there is various type of cloud computing such as: private clouds, personal cloud, hybrid cloud, and many more.

• Private clouds: if we talk about private clouds than private clouds are used by the big organisations and the companies. They have their own private clouds where they can easily store data and retrieve their personal information from it. Thos clouds are under the control of special IT experts of the Department of IT. Since they are safe to use, the private clouds are implemented in the cooperate firewall. Therefore they are safe and secure to use. Although they are private but they provide full security and ensure their data safely so that the risk of losing data is very less in the private clouds

• Public clouds: public cloud is the cloud that is used in the cloud computing. Since this cloud is meant for the use of public like different enterprises or the firms can use this. In this type of cloud the providers provides the services and make the storage as well as resource available to the general public over the internet where they can easily take the advantage of public cloud. As the services provided by these clouds are free one has to pay as per usage.

• Hybrid clouds: if we talk about hybrid clouds than from the words itself we can recognize that they are the mixture of two or more clouds. The hybrid cloud is the combination of both public as well as private clouds.

• Use of cloud computing has increased the demand in It sector. Cloud computing consist of many more features like cloud transformation which provides services like Iass (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), Paas (Platforms-a-service) and Saas (Software-as-a-service). The use of cloud transformation has increase the demand in global market and organisations. It has improved the flexibility and scalability among the organisations.

• Although cloud computing has made the work more easier and simpler for the business leaders so that they can maintain and keep secure their data and can further use the clouds in correct way according to their companies requirement.