Most Popular Software Applications

There is many software available for all operating systems. Windows has many software due to the large number of Windows device available. Computers require software to work. Even the operating systems that computers work on is also, a software. If not for software, computers would be unresponsive and just a mechanical device. The software industry is not only one of the fastest growing industry, it is also one of the largest and most profitable. The use of computers is growing considerably as more businesses and individuals are using them. With thousands of software being available, it is very competitive and there are many software options for one specific tasks. This gives the user many options to choose from. Despite there being plenty of software, there are certain that are extremely popular and downloaded more than the competing software. Here’s a list of the most popular software.


Windows is the most popular software because it is an operating system. An operating system is required because every other software is installed over the operating system. Like final cut x tutorial, even windows have tutorials as it has many options and features that can be used. Windows success has allowed it to gain a large market share, up to 90% with no real threat with Mac OS taking a distance 2nd place.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a software suite offered by Microsoft. It contains office applications, including an email client along with word processing and many other software. It is one of the widely used office suite in the world. Nearly every business and most individuals use these on their computers. Further, Microsoft office is also available on Mac OS, thereby catering to a larger crowd than being exclusive to Windows.


Photoshop is a software owned by Adobe and it is the most popular graphic editing software. Due to the complexity of the program, there are many tutorials offered similar to their competitor final cut pro x tutorial. The software is so popular that the term “Photoshopped” has become synonym with image/ graphic editing. There are many versions of photoshop with advanced versions which are generally more expensive than the normal versions.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. Created by Google, Google Chrome has become popular due to its fast and responsive user interface along with ease of use. The software is regularly updated to offer newer features and improvements in security and performance. Google Chrome is a free software available for Windows and Mac.