What Does The Vehicle Tracking Mean?

Vehicle Tracking Systems are used to track the vehicle to know the location of the vehicle so that any relevant information would not be lost while in transit. These systems work on a simple principle of communication. The Systems are fitted with a GPS receiver which sends the location of the vehicle continuously to the base station through GSM communication. Once the base station gets the information from the vehicle, It decodes and stores the data in the database. Whenever the user wants to view this data, he can see the data through some online portal. Visit our webpage nad know what does the vehicle tracking mean. 

Advantages of these Tracking Systems:
The tracking is of great help and can prove very helpful in many fields. So it is essential to get it installed. There are many advantages of these monitoring systems which may include:

1. These can be used in schools and office vehicles to monitor the location of the school bus or car to know the status. This can be of great help to ensure the safety of the passengers and other people.

2. These systems can be used in public services like buses, trains to monitor the buses and coaches online, and thus misuse can be avoided. Thus, this system can be of great advantage.

3. These can be used in logistics, cargo distribution to provide the latest information about the shipment. So, can help the companies a lot.

4. These systems are very much useful in Police vehicles for security and monitoring purpose.

Technology used for Vehicle Tracking

The main technique used here is Global Positioning system to track the location of the vehicle. The vehicle is fitted with a global positioning system receiver which receives the information about the location through satellites. Once the receiver has got this latitude, longitude information it sends this information through a serial interface to the control unit which is fitted with the vehicle.

This control unit has a small antenna which picks up the GSM signal from any network, or it can have a proprietary system as well. The control unit receives the network through GSM antenna and sends the information to the nearest base station. From the station, the data is stored in the database. There is a front end Software, which decodes the information and converts them into user understandable manner. The user can view the information provided by the web system or the person who wants to track the data can see it through online using some system defined credentials.

Whenever the user login through the web portal, he can view the various info about the vehicle as the exact location of the vehicle, the vehicle parameters, the software versions, past travel history. In the software, there is a provision to see the location of the vehicle in the map.With the help of this data, the user can assess the vehicle’s movements and can do some control actions like regulating the driver or alerting some other systems as per his requirement.